Coming of age, or maybe a tipping point?

I’ve been reasonably critical of Birmingham’s beer scene in the past, and heaven knows I will be again until this truly becomes the second city of beer. But, and this is a big but, things are actually changing. Not phoney changes where promising venues just turn out to be more of the same or only slightly better. Real, genuine, change.

This week is the epitome of that. The annual Birmingham Beer Fest opens its doors once more, nothing new there (although read the programme carefully my friends). But there’s more. This year’s new upstart the Craven Arms compliments the festival with its own beer celebration, while on Friday (and I am gutted that I can’t attend) Brewdog welcome the Beavertown boys who are bringing the beaver home at last.  Meanwhile, tonight, I sit yards from each of them in the newest addition to the landscape, sipping Northern Monk’s imperious stout Strannik *in Birmingham!* at Cherry Reds.

Suddenly, Birmingham seems like it might have finally got the new wonderful world of beer. And got it good. Plus I’ve just highlighted all of that without once mentioning either Birmingham Beer Bash or my own impending beer launch with Blackjack at the Craven Arms on 11th Nov. Oh. Whoops….

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