Thinking through the process

Last weekend I finally got to break a brewing dry spell and make enough space amongst the clutter left over from Birmingham Beer Bash to get a brew on. As has been typical of my last few brews various stages of the process involved last minute tinkering and modifcation of the still-evolving kit, and the inevitable hiccups minor and not-so-minor (full jug of yeast knocked to the floor just before pitching for example…).

This got me thinking, most particularly about “process”. Regardless of the art / craft of brewing that sits hand-in-hand with the underlying science (and depending on the setup, engineering too), brewing is very much a process industry, and in the home environment there is no reason for the same not to apply. Having a stable and consistent process should make for a happier brewday. Less time flapping over forgotten ingredients or things not being in the right place at the right time; much more time just enjoying the activity, improving things rather than just fixing them, and perhaps even sampling the fruits of previous labours.

Things go wrong from time to time at every brewery, and I’ll bet that most times this will be caused by something distracting from the usual process. Brewing at home somewhat less regularly it is harder to get the process embedded as second nature, especially when parts of the brewing kit are changing from brew to brew as is the case for me.

So I’m resolving to get better organised. Get my process sorted, and hopefully get a smoother brewday next time. I just need to work out what that process is…

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