Blogging fail, but beery victory


Well well

A week of blog posts failed to appear in completeness, or, for that matter, on time at any stage.

To be fair, I have been quite busy.

I have also gone through a range of emotions in two days. Panic, anger, rage, more panic, a whole heap of fury, brief moments of calm, anticipation, cautious relief, less cautious relief, a brief smile, a strange smug feeling, elation, concern, panic, sleep. Then came day 2.

Nervous excitement, a bit more panic, relief, awe, a welling up of tears almost every time someone spoke to me, elation, worry, huge huge respect and a strange final sense of detachment.

Finally though, reading back on two days worth of tweets, reading the email of thanks, remembering the handshakes from strangers, the atmosphere, it all boils down to incredulous. It happened. We made it happen. It was awesome. It was bCubed. In a small way, the world just changed, and I was part of the team that changed it.


4 Comments to “Blogging fail, but beery victory”

  1. Awesomeness in the EXTREME! I heart the BCubed team!

  2. Dave, I salute you, the rest I’ve already said, cheers

  3. Great night, anyone found a phone?

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