EBBC12 – the aftermath (part 2) – Post Futures

Over the course of the weekend just gone, someone made a comment about selling “beer futures” – pay now for a beer that hasn’t even been brewed, in the hope of profit later.  I can’t quite recollect who it was so apologies for not crediting it properly.  The comment came back to me just now as I was mulling over the events of EBBC12, when I thought about the Saturday morning sessions and in particular the one on how to make best use of Social Media. 

The slightly aggressive commercial approach to using social media wasn’t to everyone’s taste, and grated slightly against the ethos of blogging being a very personal thing, with everyone making it to be what they wanted it to be.  On the other hand, the reality is that if youdowant to develop your following as a blogger in a more disciplined way, you have to change your mindset to one of marketing yourself rather than just being yourself. 

That was when I was struck by the thought that in many ways blogging can be like developing a “post futures” market.  Followers are gained on the basis of past performance and reputation, maybe the odd tip-off in another blog.  What they get in return is the value of your future posts.  Fail to deliver and the market will turn away from you, but get it right and the demand only grows.

It still all depends on what your motivation actually is though – I’ve met lots of people this weekend who write simply because they are passionate about their subject, and while we all get a kick out of knowing that people read, and enjoy, what we write it isn’t necessarily important to them just how many people read it.  Others are far more interested in developing their writing and their popularity as a writer.  Whichever category you might be in, it seems to me that “post futures” are looking rosy at the moment.  I just wish I had enough time to read as many of the great blogs that are out there as I would really like, especially after discovering a whole host of great new writers this weekend!

2 Comments to “EBBC12 – the aftermath (part 2) – Post Futures”

  1. Yep, as you say people’s motives for writing about beer vary a lot. I tended to keep quiet during those bits at EBBC12 because I seemed to be one of the very few not learly in one camp or the other – most were either bloggers for fun and passion, or were published beer authors who also blog. I’m a working journalist who wants to get more (paid) work writing about beer, so from my POV the blog is partly to keep my hand in while I wait for paying gigs,partly for personal pleasure, and partly and advert. (-: But as I say, I felt I was a bit unusual in that…

  2. The one outstanding common theme for me was that everyone, regardless of whether they were just in it for fun or were a professional author, all seemed to be really passionate about the subject. In my book (and by that I don’t mean to imply for one minute I’m writing a book!) that’s a pretty good starting point, and I’d always prefer to read something written with genuine passion whether the author has been paid or not. Good luck in getting more paid beer work! 🙂

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