Small beginnings…

I thought it would make a nice change to have a positive slant for my next post and fortunately I think I can do just that.  Just a few weeks ago I was bemoaning the lack of decent drinking opportunities in a village with more than its fair share of pubs, and the difficulties in getting more than a passing interest from most of the landlords in doing something about it.

This week I can turn that all around and announce with some confidence the 1st Penkridge Beer Festival.  Taking place from the 2nd to the 5th June 2012, it is part of the celebrations associated with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, in conjunction with a number of other events around the village over the course of the weekend.  Each participating pub will have an extended range of beers available over the weekend, and while there are no listings available yet I am hopeful that at least some of those beers will be slightly more unusual than the normal offerings.

At present three pubs are confirmed as taking part, and several more are interested in joining in.  So 6-8 pubs in total, all being well, and all within short walking distance of each other.  Of course, this doesn’t mean Penkridge is suddenly going to become the beer capital of the midlands by any means, but a concerted effort to get some different beers on the bars and attract beer lovers from far and wide has got to be a positive start.  A successful event has every chance of becoming a regular one, and success will almost certainly build the confidence to expand the beer repertoire in the future. 

In my travels around the village pubs trying to get this off the ground over the last couple of weeks I have noticed some other improvements in prospects for good beer, which will no doubt be the subject of a future post or two.  New tenants at one pub have plans to reintroduce guest ales alongside the two current staples which are, admittedly, popular with the regulars and so will remain for the foreseeable future, but at least they are making moves to branch out with new handpulls due to be fitted in the near future.  At another the exciting new developments are still fairly well under wraps, but I can promise that as soon as details are available I’ll be passing on the information sharpish!

All small beginnings… but promising ones, and a marked improvement from my post only a few weeks ago.

Maybe I can look forward to seeing some of you at the Penkridge Beer Festival in June!!

2 Comments to “Small beginnings…”

  1. This sounds really promising. Penkridge used to be a fun place, although the beer range wasn’t too great, the quality was always more than reasonable. I lived here from when I was born I. 1970 until about 2000 when I moved to Wolves. My sister lives in the village and I visit her often. My view of the pubs these days Howver isn’t a good one. I generally find that the quality has declines and the range is narrower than its ever been. I really do loom forward to sofa-surfing at my sisters over that weekend in June and getting back to some of my old haunts. Preferably with some unusual beer in my hand too. Please do keep me updated 🙂 Good luck! Chris

  2. I can’t guarantee how much there will be that is truly unusual, but there will certainly be more than the normal village staples! The Littleton is planning about ten on gravity over the course of the weekend as well as the usual three handpulls so plenty of choice there. Hopefully one or two special choices to tempt in the crowds 🙂 I’ve been following my own advice from earlier posts and have been spending a little more time in my local pubs, and to be fair there are one or two that show some promise. I can also understand, however, the landlord’s view that he (or she) has to keep the regulars happy. The new lads at the White Hart tell me they are planning extra handpulls to start offering guest ales again, but the Greene King (Abbot, Speckled Hen) will remain as some of the regulars are specifically coming in for them. Hopefully the guests will take off and things will only improve from there. The Horse & Jockey is also a lot better than it was a year or so back – the beers on offer may not be the most exciting but they are kept very well indeed and there will be more changes in the not too distant future…

    I’ll definitely keep the updates coming!

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