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December 23, 2011

It’s beginning to look a lot like Craftmas…

This Christmas is looking like it will be quite special, for a number of reasons.

Most importantly, my three-year-old daughter is just old enough now to really understand what it is all about, and she is incredibly excited.  That is a fantastic thing to see, and quite infectious too, even to an old curmudgeon like me!

But as good as that is, this blog is meant to be about things beer and brewing related, and this year I have collected together a fantastic selection of craft beers from some of my favourite brewers, and for the first time I am breaking with my own tradition of drinking fine wines with my Christmas dinner, and plan to enjoy some fine beers instead.  One of my current favourites, Kernel, is leading the charge and I’ve got a half-dozen bottles to choose from, ably supported by offerings from Thornbridge, Stone, Harviestoun, Sierra Nevada, Brewdog and more.  It is about time beer took its place at the centre of the dinner table, and in my house that is certainly what is going to happen this year.  The prospect of finding out how the Kernel Citra IPA goes with the turkey and trimmings, and how some mighty, dark, strong beers match the Christmas pudding, is tantalising and while I can’t promise the level of review that other people in the blogosphere do far better than I can, I shall certainly try to report back on my experience.

The prospect of more than a week away from the normal all-consuming workplace is also very exciting, especially as it should give me a chance to get my own brewing activities back on track with a couple of beers planned, and hopefuly some time spare to continue the upgrade to the new 1/2 BBL setup that has been sitting just out of reach for the past few months as work and family life have prevented as much time being spent as necessary.

And finally, this Christmas (today in fact), sees the start of my blog.  This is a first for me, so be gentle as I’m obviously something of a novice at all this.  It’s an opportunity for me to talk about the beers I love (and maybe those I don’t like so much, but I don’t find many in that category!) and the trials and tribulations of moving my brewing up a gear.  I hope you enjoy reading some of my ramblings – please let me know, all feedback gratefully received!

I hope you have a great Christmas and New Year, and that you get to enjoy drinking some really good beer – I intend to!

Now, can anyone recommend something to accompany the cheese board…?